Saturday, 23 November 2013

DOCTOR WHO - Pieces of Eight

Today is Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, so to celebrate we have been working hard on a little surprise for you all... Thanks to the talented animator Adam Bullock, Bandril Productions is proud to present Part One of our debut production Pieces of Eight as a free to view animation!!! Part Two will be uploaded next week on 30th November. Enjoy!!

Bandril Productions is proud to present it's first full cast fan produced audio drama based on the BBCtv series Doctor Who. A huge thanks to everyone involved in the production for making this possible. Here is part 1 of the 2 part story. The second part will be uploaded next week...

Doctor Who - Pieces of Eight 
Written by J.R. Southall 

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, still saddened at having been rejected by Grace, to a perfect English village green in the spring of 1908. Or does it? Is it really 1908, and is it really England? And just Who is the mysterious stranger known as Stream, the only other occupant of the village? The Doctor must undergo a baffling series of trials before he can get to the truth with tests delivered to him by a variety of unexpected but familiar faces... 

Pieces of Eight is a full-cast, and completely unofficial and unlicensed audio drama from Bandril Productions. Starring Scott Burditt as the Eighth Doctor. With Grant Foxon, Philip Fairweather, James Maton, Paul Jones, David Nagel, Steven Hill, Kurt Bergeron and J.R. Southall. The Doctor Who theme, incidental music and sound effects are by Westley Smith. With additional editing by Scott Burditt and Paul Jones. Doctor Who Pieces of Eight is produced by Bandril Productions 

Doctor Who - Pieces of Eight 
The 2 part story concludes....

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


An aborted rebooted American version of Doctor Who written by Stephen Muppet, which would have been produced by Stephen Spleenbug, called simply WHO.

Episode One : Jack’n’Aimee
Written by Stephen Muppet

Narrated by Sean Homrig
Doctor Jack Smith played by Jim Moon
Aimee Bond played by Kailey Bashe
Roy Willard played by Mark Baumgarten
Dave Ross played by Eduardo M. Freyre
Davlek Supreme played by Dean Packis

Sound design and editing by Westley James Smith

Dalek image by Mechmaster. Cover design by Bandril Productions

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

DOOMWATCH - Survival Code

The missing DOOMWATCH television episode "Survival Code", that closed Season 1 (ep.13) has been reconstructed into a new full cast audio production by Bandril Productions. The TV version may be lost forever but working from the surviving Camera Script (which in itself would have differed slightly from the transmitted version) a new version has been adapted by us BANDRIL Productions. The story is (unusually) low on scientific content but high on drama and tension, and is the last in which Robert Powell appears as Toby Wren. The audio drama of Survival Code features a totally new cast:

Dr. Spencer Quist - played by Philip Fairweather
Dr. John Ridge - played by David Nagel
Tobias Wren - played by James Maton
Colin Bradley - played by Ian Williams
Pat Hunnisett played by Julie Norton
Air Commodore Parks - played by Ian Williams
Wing Commander - played by Grant Foxon
Geoff Harker - played by Matt Charlton
Toni Harker - played by Milly Corbett
Sam Billings - played by Lee James Sands
Commander Sefton - played by Scott Burditt
The Minister - played by Tony Diana
Len White - played by Ian Williams
Chief Supt. Charles - played by J.R. Southall
1st Man on the Pier (to deal with the bomb) - played by Ian Williams

It is not known if there was any incidental music for Survival Code as not even an audio track exists but as this is a new production, a score has been composed by Tony Diana


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

DOCTOR WHO - Companion Peace

This is an Eleventh Doctor missing adventure. The Doctor is fed up with his companions Amy and Rory and plots to get rid of them for good. The story is written by Stephen Muppet. Sound design by Westley James Smith

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

DOCTOR WHO - Journey into Time

Journey into Time was the first episode of a Doctor Who Radio series written by Malcolm Hulke from Stanmark Productions that was actually recorded  in 1966 but then the tapes have been sadly lost. The Doctor was played by the late Peter Cushing but nobody knows who played the other actors and it's anyone's guess as to what it originally sounded like....  So, Bandril Productions have recreated this lost half hour radio classic.

Voiceover announcer played by Jim Moon
The Doctor played by Jim Moon
Susan played by Shelley
Teacher (Miss Jennings) played by Samantha Nagel
George played by Christian Tarpey
Mike played by Marty Perret
Mr Logan played by Danny Davies
Inspector played by J.R Southall
Launder played by Sean Homrig

Sunday, 6 November 2011


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