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Exterminate! Image by David Adams


This is a brand new full cast audio adventure by Bandril Productions. We are currently seeking actors for this Doctor Who related production. Please email us here if you can help us out.

Exterminate! Details follow:
To say too much about the parts up for grabs would possibly give too much away too soon about the rest of the project, so at the risk of "doing a Moffat", I'll leave you with that and keep schtum. HOWEVER, it is possibly a THREE part series, and all the roles in part one are regulars in the second and third parts. So if anyone IS interested in taking part, there is the possibility of further involvement

Character List: (Actors marked in Red)

Godfrey Butcher,
(To be played by Philip Fairweather) A 59 yr old actor who isn’t very good. He once appeared in a play seen and enjoyed by The Queen, and she openly stated that she liked him. This got him the role of the 9th Doctor when David Hasselhof left after only 1 year. He is a terrible actor, and knws he will never get another gig as good as this, and knows that his job is safe because he has “Royal Approval” so he has been the Doctor for 18 years. Many people have tried to get him removed, but he knows that if he does leave, his only income will be from conventions, and he hates fans more than he hates the show.

Billy Oldroyd,
(To be played by Lee Rawlings) 41 yr old, sweaty, balding, thick as a plank seems to give off an unidentifiable stickiness. LOVES Godfrey with a fervour that most find if not downright sickening, somewhat disturbing. Has played the companion “Kumkwik” for 16 years. Will do ANYTHING for Godfrey, sometimes whether he wants him to or not…

Terry Proudfoot,
(To be played by Jonathan Rocket) 43 yr old, Executive Producer of Dr Who, sent to the show as the latest in a long line of serious Producers who have dared to upset the higher authorities at the BBC. Terry is an investigative documentary maker, and hates drama. But he is stuck on DW as part of an on-going punishment, which will last the remaining 3 years of his BBC contract. He “Huffs” a lot, and realises that if he ever wants to get a job with the independents when he is done, he at least has to TRY to do a good job with. He is also very aware that Godfrey is next to untouchable, and cannot stand that as the boss he cannot tell a ropey old thesp what to do, and expect it to actually happen.

(To be played by James Maton) The Writer/Director, who seems to be the only person working on the show who wants to be there.  Dave is a lifelong fan-boy and wishes it could be like the 70’s again. He has written and directed many successful TV shows over the years, and is very well off. Some people believe he works for free on Dr Who, just so that he can be there. He is ever the optimist, and tries to see the best in people, but also tends to over egg the pudding with his flowery prose. Particularly when warning people about Godfrey, who he has come to the conclusion is Satan himself.

(To be played by Lisa Carroll) Wardrobe mistress who has been on the show since 63 when she started as a part time seamstress. Loud, brash, bolshy, and at an age where she doesn’t give a shit… drinks too much gin, and doesn’t care. Should have a vocabulary as strong as we can get away with, and every encounter with Godfrey should end in a colourful exchange of interesting insults. The relationship between Shirley and Godfrey is venomous, so it is strange that he could have had her fired years ago… but hasn’t.

Stanley Redfern,
(To be played by Nick Peat) The Director General of the BBC. Hates Dr Who, but knows he cannot cancel the show while her majesties favourite actor is in the role and still expect the Knighthood he is after, which is the only reason he is doing the job. He is a bumbly older man, drinks a lot of single malt, and is used to getting his own way by whatever means necessary. He has no issue with treading on and squashinig the “little people”. Stanley is obsessed with a new idea called The One Show, and wants the Dr Who studio and budget so that he can make this innovative teatime magazine programme!

Secretary to Stanley. (To be played by Julie Norton).

Max Harper,
(To be played by Sean Homrig) Ex MI-5 (could be CIA), and special forces, who now works for Stanley in the capacity of “fixer”. His principle role is to get rid of Godfrey Butcher without actually murdering him. (Stanley knows that if he dies, Dr Who would get some public attention, and there would be at least a year or two of people demanding it be kept going as a trubute…) Max is mid to late 50’s uses military jargon to let people know he’s hard…  and isn’t really as good as he thinks he is. In fact he has spent over a year failing to discredit Godfrey.

(To be played by Andrew Tomlinson) Leslie is the super-fan who lives about 3 miles from the studio, with his mum, but spends most of his life in his “Fan base” or festival tent, on the concourse outside studio 4. He is everything that is wrong with fandom. If they made a sequel to 40 yr Old Virgin called “46 yr old fat, smelly, virgin who is so much of anorak that his skin is made out of kagoul material” he would be a shoe in for the part. He blogs, he tweets, and the irony is that while he may have a vast understanding of the technical aspects of Social networking, the “social” part of it is a complete mystery to him, and he is incapable of humour when Dr Who is on the discussion board. He HATES Terry, seeing him as the documentary maker who came in and ruined Dr Who for a laugh…

(To be played by David Adams)
Ken. (To be played by Lee James Sands) Gary and Ken are comic relief, and can be played pretty much however one fancies, old or young, they would work, but probably Gary needs to be old enough to remember when the show was good, so that it adds credence to his wind up with Leslie. In fact Gary just MIGHT be a secret Dr Who fan, given his depth of knowledge, but we’ll never know, cos he’s NEVER going to admit to it…
Mark. (To be played by Scott Burditt). The new Production Assistant, fresh from Theatre, and wanting to learn as much about TV as he can to “get on”. Full of confidence, and hasn’t a clue what he is stepping into.

And if the above hasn’t all given you something of a clue, it’s a COMEDY. ALL of the above characters are regulars and will appear in subsequent episodes.

With thanks to Andrew Tomlinson

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