Tuesday, 3 April 2012



DOOMWATCH - Survival Code

As mentioned on an earlier news item, on the missing DOOMWATCH episode Survival Code, that closed Season 1 (ep.13) is currently being reconstructed into a new full cast audio production by Bandril Productions. This totally unofficial and free to air version of Survival Code will be made available on this site as soon as it is completed. The TV version may be lost forever but working from the surviving Camera Script (which in itself would have differed slightly from the transmitted version) a new version has been adapted by BANDRIL Productions. The story is (unusually) low on scientific content but high on drama and tension, and is the last in which Robert Powell appears as Toby Wren. The audio drama of Survival Code will feature a totally new cast as listed below:

Dr. Spencer Quist - played by Philip Fairweather
Dr. John Ridge - played by David Nagel
Tobias Wren - played by James Maton
Colin Bradley - played by Ian Williams
Pat Hunnisett played by Julie Norton
Air Commodore Parks - played by Ian Williams
Wing Commander - played by Grant Foxon
Geoff Harker - played by Matt Charlton
Toni Harker - played by Milly Corbett
Sam Billings - played by Lee James Sands
Commander Sefton - played by Scott Burditt
The Minister - played by Tony Diana
Len White - played by Ian Williams
Chief Supt. Charles - played by J.R. Southall
1st Man on the Pier (to deal with the bomb) - played by Ian Williams

It is not known if there was any incidental music for Survival Code but as this is a new production, a score will be composed by Tony Diana

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