Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The latest fan produced audio drama project "Journey into Time" is now underway. Journey into Time was the first episode of a Doctor Who Radio series written by Malcolm Hulke from Stanmark Productions that was actually recorded  in 1966 but then the tapes have been sadly lost. The Doctor was played by the late Peter Cushing but nobody knows who played the other actors and it's anyone's guess as to what it originally sounded like....  So, Bandril Productions are now going to re-create this lost half hour radio classic. So, we are are looking for actors to cover the following parts:- (please note, this list is subject to alteration)

Voiceover announcer played by Jim Moon
The Doctor played by Jim Moon
Susan played by ??????
Teacher (Miss Jennings) played by Samantha Nagel
George played by Scott Burditt
Mike played by Marty Perret
Mr Logan played by Danny Davies
Inspector played by J.R Southall
Launder (with an American Accent) played by Sean Homrig  

The script for Journey into Time features in the latest Issue of the Superb Nothing at the end of the lane Magazine (Issue 3). Order a copy today and help us re-create a lost classic! 

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